Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Neman stated, “I am shocked, horrified and angered by the brutal terrorism we witnessed against innocent Jews in Israel. We said “never again” but here we are, witnessing the public massacre, rape, slaughter and beheading of innocent men, women, elderly and children. I stand firmly with Israel in its right to exist and defend itself. I stand with Jews all over the world in our fight against these barbaric terrorists and the rise in antisemitism. There are no 2 sides to this issue. This was another Holocaust and should be treated as such. These are barbarians with no care for humanity. In the coming days and weeks we will experience a surge in antisemitism. You will see people justifying these attacks. This is a form of pure evil pretending to care about human rights. Many leaders are scared to speak out. Scared because this issue is not popular, maybe controversial. If you think this is controversial you need your head checked. This issue is black and white and those that fail to recognize this for what it is will be on the wrong side of history. “

Neman also stated “I would like to know so I know never to hire these people” in regards to the Harvard students who signed he letter assigning sole responsibility for Hamas’ heinous acts to Israel.