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Pizza Girl / Pizza Grill

Caroline D’Amore, known affectionately as PizzaGirl, has been using her platform where she has hundreds of thousands of followers to show her love and support for the Jewish people and nation.

Some of her statements have included:

“Am I still me? I’m so confused. I’m standing up for the Jewish community the same way I did for Gay marriage when my sister and her wife wanted to get married, walked for black women lead events during the BLM movement with whom the head of I’m super close with and donating meals for their efforts, I’ve fought against criminals out to harm others and have always been a super woke liberal.”

“I don’t claim to know the history that’s been made clear. I’m horrified by images of innocents suffering on all sides. The only thing I know for sure is the level of hate is much more terrifying for the Jewish community everywhere right now. Your neighbor, your friend from school, the mom down the street had NOTHING to do with what is sadly happening right now and you are not making a difference by scaring Jewish people. All you are doing is making it extremely clear that Jewish people need help and need to be spoken up for. I’ll never stand by, watch this happen and stay silent. NEVER! I’ll post what I can on my story but a lot of people are terrified and fearing for their lives right now and I will always respect and protect those that send me these things.”

“I’m sorry maybe it’s my lack of college education but I’m pretty sure if a big group of people were calling for my peoples genocide I’d feel pretty bullied, harassed and terrified. No? Am I missing something? Please educate me.”

Pizza Girl sells certified organic and kosher sauces and just launched a Pizza Grill. You can support Caroline by buying her products at Erewhon, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, many other markets, and online.