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Haymarket Books

The Chicago-based self-described “radical, independent, nonprofit book publisher” spew antisemitic propaganda across their social media pages and website, accusing Israel of occupation, genocide, and apartheid, and calling the siege a “liberation.” On October 7th, they posted “From Chicago to Palestine” with a photo of a the Palestinian flag and men in keffiyahs making fists, with no mention of condemning Hamas for the atrocities committed that very day.

They publish antisemitic authors such as StopAntisemitism’s September 2021 Antisemite of the Week Mohammed El-Kurd, Black Panther Angela Davis, historical revisionist Howard Zinn, former CNN journo Marc Lamont Hill, and the late Refaat Alareer, who was Antisemite of the Week in December 2021.

Haymarket also supports and promotes the BDS movement.