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Golden Globe Diner

The Long Island-based American-Greek diner has been subjected to a boycott for posting Israeli flags, posters of the kidnapped hostages, and “We Stand with Israel” signs. Three employees resigned and DoorDash refused to service the restaurant, which led to a 30% decrease in business. Owner Peter Tsadillas is not Jewish, but said, “It has nothing to do with Judaism at all. It’s the humane thing to do. We need to find these people and bring them back. This is not my family, but I would like people to talk about it. And these posters make the whole story tangible. When I look at the posters I feel a real pain that people feel when their loved ones are missing, Without knowing where they are, what they’re doing, whether they’re being treated well, whether they’re alive or dead. And that’s so unfair. We are all human. I don’t want Palestinians to die. I don’t want anyone to die. But what Israel is going through is an attack. These are people’s children, fathers and mothers. It’s terrible. Wars should be left to states and armies, not to innocent people.”