Kaitlyn Abdou

Massachusetts-based author who dubs herself pro-Hamas (a terrorist organization), equates Zionists to Nazis, and accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing.

Watermelon Pictures

Anti-Israel film production business led by notorious Jew-hater Alana Hadid who supports the terrorist actions of Hamas, calls for the destruction of Israel, and accuses Israel of occupying Palestine, committing ethnic cleansing, and restricting their access to resources.

4Jacks Nitro Cold Brew

New York-based cold brew company whose co-founder takes to X to compare Zionists and Israelis to Nazis, wishes to free the country of Zionism, and calls for the destruction of Israel.

Circus Amok

NYC-based circus show who spews anti-Israeli propaganda to children through their plays, refers to escaped Palestinian prisoners as resistance fighters, and accuses Israel of being an oppressor committing a genocide in Gaza.

Crust Vegan Bakery

Philadelphia-based bakery who accuses Israel of acting in violation of international law, shows their proud Israeli-hatred by boycotting Israeli goods and services, and encourages their customers to do the same.

Earth Liberation Studio

Art studio who calls for more 10/7s, believes Hamas’ actions are justified, accuses Israel of committing a genocide, wishes to abolish Zionism, and encourages violence against Israel and Jews.

Shot by Math Photography

Texas-based photographer who spews anti-Zionist rhetoric, accuses Israel of committing a genocide and holding Palestinian civilians in concentration camps, denies the atrocities inflicted upon hostages in Gaza, and calls for the boycott of companies and persons associated with Israel.

Locust Steet Art

New York-based art studio who denied working with a Jewish day school claiming they cannot work with a ‘Pro-Israel organization that supports the ongoing genocide in Palestine’.

Low Voltage Nation

Tennessee-based business whose founder accuses Israel of being an all-controlling Satanic death cult and denies the facts of the Holocaust.

Mrs. D’s Adaptive Music Creations LLC

North Carolina-based music teacher who preaches that Zionists are from the pits of hell, Satanic, control everything, and are committing a genocide in Gaza as well as killing their own citizens on October 7th.